Developing a model for section 117 personal health budgets masterclass

This series of one day workshop will explore how personal health budgets (PHBs) can be used to support people with mental health problems, with a specific focus on people who are eligible for section 117 aftercare.

These events are for managers and clinicians supporting local mental health provision, including professionals working in commissioning of mental health services, mental health providers and local authority organisations.

Aims of event

These workshops aim to support sites in developing their section 117 PHB offer by sharing the most up to date knowledge and tools. By the end of this workshop sites should have the expertise and confidence to be able to implement or scale up their PHB provision and also to think about how this can be mainstreamed.

There will be the opportunity to receive further information on the legal framework of section 117, CPA/case management, finance and contracting and the value of PHBs in this context for people who have previously had no experience in this area of work or teams already working in this area and facing challenges with implementation.

An update on NHS England's national mental health PHB evaluation will also be provided.

Who should attend?

To ensure maximum benefit from the events a relevant mix of health and social care leads should attend. Attendees should have a shared knowledge of section 117, PHBs, personal budgets within social care and also hold decision-making responsibility. 

At least three members from a team/site with appropriate representation from the local CCG, local authority and mental health service provider should attend. Other key people involved in the delivery of section 117 PHBs locally may also attend with a maximum of five representatives from each site.


Leeds – 7 June

London – 18 July

Manchester – 17 October