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Health and Justice Lived Experience Charter awards event, hosted by Career Matters

29 March 2023 1:00pm – 3:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Teams invite will be circulated prior to the event)

NHS England's Health and Justice Inclusive Workforce Programme commissioned Career Matters to develop the Lived Experience Charter, co-designed with people with lived experience of the criminal justice system. The Lived Experience Charter enables health and justice providers to demonstrate their ability and willingness to support their recruitment and retention of people with lived experience.

The vision for the Lived Experience Charter is that it will help to break down barriers, challenges and negative assumptions about the recruitment of people with lived experience and create systemic changes across organisations.

The ambition for the Lived Experience Charter is that it will eventually become embedded within services and organisations as standard practice and will be the catalyst for significant culture change across the NHS and potentially further afield.

Having been piloted in five health and justice sites and one care experienced site, the Lived Experience Charter is now in phase two and is being run in 18 further sites during 2022/23.

This event will provide a celebration and overview of phase two of the Lived Experience Charter project and will culminate in the awards of Lived Experience Charter ‘status’ to the health and justice sites that have participated in the project.  The awards will be given by the Lived Experience Charter multi-disciplinary assessment panel of organisations and people with lived experience. 

Target Audience: For those involved in the Lived Experience Charter. Also open to interested parties working to recruit those with lived experience of the criminal justice system, local authority care and homelessness.

This event forms part of NHS England’s Health and Justice, Inclusive Workforce Programme's series of events to promote findings and resources from the programme, with the aim of supporting health and justice commissioners, providers and other interested stakeholders to help address workforce issues. 
Please visit NHS England’s event page to see the other events and to register your interest.

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