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Adult Mental Health CPD Event - GPs with extended roles

26 June 2019 12:00pm – 4:00pmBST (+01:00)
Pear Tree Drive, Newton Road, Birmingham, B43 6HS, United Kingdom

Ticket sales finished: 17 June 2019 9:00pm

Who is this session for?

These GP CPD events are intend to support GPs with extended roles and those seeking CPD in a focussed clinical area. The aim being to provide GPs not with basic knowledge but as an extended GP role therefore, differing from a general GP education event. 

These events are specifically for:

GPs with an extended role to inform appraisal and revalidation (GPwER) - operating under a contractural obligation with support from a secondary care setting/MDT

GPs with a Specialist Interest to inform appraisal and revalidation (GPwSI) - nominated GP within a practice for related health conditions 

GPs aiming to extend their portfolios to become a GPwER or a GPwSI to inform appraisal and revalidation and support development 


About our programme

The Responsible Officer function in the West Midlands recognises that many GPs have a scope of practice beyond undifferentiated primary care. This can take a variety of forms ranging from formal contractual settings with support from secondary care colleagues/ MDTs (GP with a Specialist Interest (GPwSI))or less formal arrangements such as being a nominated GP in their practice for certain health conditions. In addition, new ways of working are changing the landscape of primary care, and STPs/ICSs are increasingly looking for ways to make best use of the skills of the clinicians working in their areas and ‘left shift’ work into primary care; this presents a significant opportunity but also generates a challenge to ensure that such work is appropriately supported and of the highest standards.

Doctors are already required to provide evidence across their whole scope of practice at their appraisal, but that alone is currently insufficient to ensure effective governance of wider roles. The RCGP has begun to provide guidance about accreditation of GPs with Extended Roles (GPWERs) and the first of these has recently been published, covering dermatology. The main difference between this and the older GPWSI definition is that whereas previously it was the service that was accredited not the doctor, it is now the individual GP who is accredited, meaning their skills are transferrable and can be used in a variety of settings. 


This agenda will be circulated to attendees soon, topics included:

Adult mental health

IAPT - LTC (physical and mental health care based in primary care) 




NB: Catering is included

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