Beneficial Changes Network ‘Connections’ sessions

15 June 2022 10:00am – 11:00amBST (+01:00)
Location TBC

An informal space to share your story and connect with others across the network 

Are you working on change, improvement or transformation in healthcare and want to connect with others in your area of interest? Join members of the Beneficial Changes Network to exchange stories and learning. We’ll also provide an overview of the work of the Beneficial Changes Network and how you can make the best use of our resources. 

Learning objectives 

  • To welcome new members to the Beneficial Changes Network 

  • To find out what other attendees want to get/learn from being part of the Network

  • To share our backgrounds, interests and experiences 

  • To learn more about the Beneficial Changes site on FutureNHS 


This session is aimed at new BCN members, people who want to find out more about BCN, and people who want to connect and learn from others across the network. 

Questions about this event?

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