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Commitment to Carers -Mind The Gap Project: Celebratory and Next Steps Event

15 June 2022 11:00am – 1:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) made a clear commitment to continue to identify and support carers from vulnerable communities, who are less likely to access and/or have positive outcomes of care.  Since the publication of the LTP we know that COVID-19 is, and continues to have a disproportionate impact on communities most likely to suffer from health inequalities; and that as a result of COVID-19 carers have provided on average an additional ten hours of care a week. 

The Commitment to Carers Mind the Gap project was launched to support systems to scope and embed what matters most to carers from vulnerable communities and share learning, with a view to implementing recommendations and so deliver on the LTP commitment. 

We have 4 sites who are embedding learnings and recommendations from the 1st phase(2020/21), and 13 sites doing further scoping work in 2021/22. All 17 sites will be presenting their findings and recommendations at our Celebratory and Next Steps Event on 15th June, 11:00am-13:00pm. Please come and join us. 

The event will be chaired by Dr Neil Churchill OBE, Director, Experience, Participation and Equalities, NHSE/I. 

An agenda will be released at a later date. 


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