Redesigning Care

CTM (Redfern) Travel Tips Training

6 March 2019 10:00am – 12:00pmGMT (+00:00)
Appleton House, Lanchester Road, Durham, DH1 5XZ, United Kingdom

Ticket sales finished: 5 March 2019 1:00pm

Contact Information

Please contact Barry O'Donovan for further information.


Eligible Staff

Authorised travel bookers from NHS England, NHS Improvement, North of England Commissioning Support, NEL CSU, Arden Gem CSU, SCW CSU, Midlands and Lancashire CSU. 


As part of the roll out of the new DigiTS portal for travel and events bookings, there is an opportunity for authorised bookers to attend advanced training with CTM (Redfern) to learn the top tips and best value options, including:

  • Tips for securing the best prices on travel bookings and how to maximise savings
  • Advice and assistance on any issues/questions that you may have, answered by a CTM representative
  • Rail refunds and exchanges
  • Advanced booking benefits
  • Best practice for hotel, Rail, Eurostar and Air bookings
  • Understanding hotel rates
  • Do’s and Don’ts………. And much more!      

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