Discharge Medicines Service - Strategic Look Ahead

22 September 2022 2:00pm – 3:15pmBST (+01:00)
Location TBC

Rationale for why we are holding webinar:

  • To discuss the various aspects of NHSEI policy on DMS
  • To look at examples of good practice within Trusts using the DMS
  • To promote support available to Trusts
  • To consider the strategic direction


Objectives for the webinar:

  • Raise awareness of the CQUIN, data collection results and referral technology available
  • To share practical examples of Trusts that have done well via case studies
  • To promote toolkits and training available to Trusts
  • To look at the BaRS and the strategic direction for acute hospital to community pharmacy referrals.


Key topics to cover/pick up:

  • Brief introduction of the DMS
  • Realising the benefits – walk through CQUIN and share case study
  • Share strategic direction of BaRS for acute hospital to community pharmacy 


Key audience(s):

  • NHS Trusts
  • ICS Pharmacy Leads
  • ICS Digital Leads
  • Regional Pharmacy Leads
  • Regional Digital Leads
  • Contract Managers


Desired outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the CQUIN and referral technology that can be used
  • Increased awareness of the support available to Trusts
  • Increased awareness of the strategic direction of travel for acute hospitals 


Key contributors/speakers and perspectives they would cover:

  • Tony Jamieson, Clinical Lead for Medicines Safety Improvement, NHSEI – to give introduction and background
  • Dr Wasim Baqir, Senior Pharmacist, Pharmacy Integration Programme, NHSEI – to share CQUIN data collection and referral technology available
  • Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust - to share good practice in delivering the DMS

  • Adnan Riaz, Programme Head, NHS Booking & Referral Standard/Head of Supplier Engagement for UEC – to share BaRS standard for hospital to community pharmacy

Questions about this event?

Name: Digital PODAC Team


Telephone:07783 821 930

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