EoE Perinatal Mental Health Lunch & Learn – Learning from ROSHNI2

12 July 2023 12:00pm – 1:00pmBST (+01:00)
Location TBC

EoE Perinatal Mental Health Lunch & Learn – Learning from ROSHNI2: a model of cultural adaptation to recruitment and engagement of South Asian women experiencing postnatal difficulties with mood


Event Information:

The talk will touch on improving healthcare inequalities for South Asian Women, the cultural and religious (if relevant) sensitivities to be considered. Insights into the language barriers and vulnerabilities that can arise will also be explored. The talk will present the motivation behind the ROSHNI 2 project, as well as the key evidence and outcomes to take away.

Speaker Bio:

Farah is a Senior Research manager with a keen interest in maternal mental health research.  Farah has worked within the research and development team at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust since Oct 2012.  She is a leading member of the Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry Research Group and in this role writes and coordinate research funding bids, supervises and facilitates mental health research in low and middle income countries.  Farah is also a visiting research fellow at the Pakistan Institute of Living and learning since 2012.  Farah’s research focus is on raising awareness of mental health, reducing ethnic disparities, tackling stigma and adapting psychological therapies to meet the needs of ethnic minorities.

Farah is currently the research manager on ROSHNI2 – an NIHR funded Multi Centre RCT of a group psychological intervention for postnatal depression in British mothers of South Asian origin.  She is also senior research facilitator at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation trust.  Her role is to provide leadership and management of research across the Trust.

Farah is a member of the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership (PMHP) who are group of professionals and individuals with lived experience who coordinate the annual maternal mental health week.  It is a week long campaign dedicated to talking about mental illness while pregnant or after having a baby. Farah is using the lessons learnt and connections made through ROSHNI2 to support this group.


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