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Exploring race equality and the Health and Justice workforce

26 October 2022 2:00pm – 3:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Teams invite will be circulated prior to the event)

Promoting diversity and ensuring equality being at the heart of NHS England's Health and Justice Inclusive Workforce Programme. The Race Equality Foundation were commissioned to carry out a deep dive impact assessment into race, ethnicity and religion regarding the work of the programme and related workforce issues within health and justice services.

In the deep dive nine themes were identified and from these some recommendations were pulled together for the Inclusive Workforce Programme, health and justice regional commissioners and health and justice service providers.

Following on from the deep dive, the Race Equality Foundation were commissioned to put together a training package specifically for health and justice service providers to help them meet the recommendations of the deep dive and understand the main issues raised by these frontline staff involved in the deep dive

This event will provide an opportunity to all those who work in health and justice to hear from the Race Equality Foundation about their deep dive, the themes and recommendations, and the launch for the training package.

Target Audience: Open to all.

This event forms part of NHS England’s Health and Justice, Inclusive Workforce Programme's series of events to promote findings and resources from the programme, with the aim of supporting health and justice commissioners, providers and other interested stakeholders to help address workforce issues. 
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