Focus on Autism in Physical Health and Care

10 October 2023 1:30pm – 3:30pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Autistic people can find that accessing and receiving health and care services are a difficult experience for them.  This can lead to health inequalities and poorer outcomes.  This session will focus on the needs of autistic people in any healthcare setting. We will be discussing ways to support staff and teams to make sensory adjustments to improve the experience of receiving healthcare, including a personal perspective from a guest speaker. We shall also be spending some time in discussion around reasonable adjustments that can be made in service, both what services can provide for autistic patients and how NHSE and colleagues can support in putting these adjustments in place. This will make up part of a wider discussion on the education and training of our workforce around care for autistic people. The session will be of interest to anyone who is providing services that autistic people will access and/or who have a role in supporting the workforce working in those services.

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