BCF - Improving discharge pathway 3

25 April 2024 10:30am – 12:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

The session will be recorded and uploaded to the Better Care Exchange on the Future NHS Collaboration Platform for access after the event.

Join us for this session to support good practice in relation to Pathway 3 discharges from acute and community beds, reducing delayed discharges and ensuring the provision of high quality person-centred care. Hear from national teams and local systems on how to ensure Pathway 3 is reserved for those who really need it, and what makes a good Pathway 3 discharge with the right care and support in place until the person is settled for the long-term.

Every day there are around 2,000 people in acute beds and 400 people in community beds who are delayed from leaving because they are awaiting a long-term placement in a care home for new or increased needs (discharge Pathway 3).

These people are more likely to be older, to have cognitive impairment, and to be in the last year of their lives. A Pathway 3 decision is a life-changing event (they will never return to the place they call home) which may present significant emotional, practical and financial challenges for people and their families and carers.

This  session s aimed at all health and social care staff involved in Pathway 3 discharges. It will comprise presentations from national policy teams highlighting existing guidance, as well as local systems sharing their good practice and challenges. There will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss key issues and solutions. Key topics covered will include the importance of care transfer hubs in the pathway decision-making process and oversight of Pathway 3 discharges until long-term arrangements are in place.

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