Key Workers

18 September 2019 10:00am – 3:00pm
The Met Hotel, King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HQ, United Kingdom
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The Transforming Care Programme are committed to progress services for children and young people who are learning disabled or who are autistic.  The NHS 10 year Forward Plan has clearly mapped a time line for the introduction of an embedded Key Worker system across each region. The concept of the Key Worker and its identified attendant benefits as highlighted by Dame Christine Lenehan in her second report: “Good Intentions – Are they good enough” (July 2017), is founded upon a consistency of approach bought through the integrating process of one person who oversees the elements of implementation, monitoring and review of an individual’s care package.

This Good Practice forum will consider the role of existing keyworkers and will help explore and scope the detail of these governed by legal duties, guidance and agency policy guidance.  The aim will be to arrive at a baseline of a universal concept of a keyworker in line with supporting transition out of mental health hospitals for our most vulnerable children.  By booking on this Good Practice Forum you can expect;

  1. Presentations from three differing models of Key Working: in-patient via CPA, community through the Transition Team in Trafford (Health, Mike Banner); and a CIN Team in a Local Authority.


  1. Multi-agency table top groups will address the following:
  • What does a good Key Worker look like?
  • Where should they sit?
  • Should we be looking at Key Teams as a more viable concept – for sustainable consistency?
  • Who would they be employed by: one agency – jointly, an/ or with the third sector organization.
  • Pull key feedback together to produce a model of Key Worker/Working.


  1. Establish a Multi-agency Key Worker Group, to:
  • Discuss how the above can be tested out in differing contexts: Where, how and when (legal considerations and statutory responsibilities to be included)
  • Address issues of governance and lines of accountability and responsibility.
  • Ensure that both parent carers and young people are able to assess and comment on the model and how it is working to improve their overall CETR experience.


  1. Monitor, review and evaluate a small-scale roll out of the Key Worker framework, based broadly upon the following KPIs:
  • Timely & effective completion of CETR recommendations; which may include CPA, CIN and LAC issues and recommendations;
  • Reduction in re-admissions of individual who have had more than one episode of in-patient treatment;
  • Evidence of fewer crises, which can be measured in terms of the reduction in A&E visits, Crisis services, section 136 apprehensions.
  • Report back within periodic time lines to the Good Practice Forum to evaluate outcomes and implement changes.

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