Leading Leadership Development in Imaging across London

6 – 8 July 2021 (Tue 9:00am – Thu 1:30pm)BST (+01:00)
Location TBC

A key means by which managers in the NHS can assess their leadership practice is through the Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM).

Its nine domains describe the sorts of aptitudes that are needed to be successful in these roles, whether one is a clinician or general manager.

It is possible to use the HLM to explore one’s leadership practice through completing a self-assessment. However, the model also offers interested parties the opportunity to undertake a full 360 exercise, which invites their manager(s); direct reports, peers, and others in their professional ambit to offer their feedback in relation to those nine domains.

A 360 exercise of this sort generates a detailed report, which includes numeric data and commentary offered by respondents. As is often the case with such exercises, the report is initially shared in a formal meeting between the candidate and a trained facilitator.

The training is completed in just one day – and facilitators maintain their licence by undertaking at least two facilitations per year. They can offer this service to anyone across the NHS who has completed a 360; their name is included on a register of approved facilitators linked to the HLM hub.

As part of the COVID recovery work that the NHS London Leadership & Lifelong Learning Team are supporting with Imaging staff across the capital, we are extending an invitation to senior leaders in that field to train to be HLM 360 feedback facilitators.

This means that those who are trained will be able actively to support the leadership development of their wider profession, through offering facilitation to those who might complete a 360. It also represents an opportunity to expand their own engagement with the wider management agenda. It is a personal leadership development opportunity that provides a lead to collective leadership development.

This training will run over two half days between 0900 and 1330 on both 6 and 8 July 2021; it will be delivered via MS Teams.

If you work at 8b and above in Imaging across London, this is an open invitation for you to join this event. There are just 10 places available on the programme, so please reserve your place at the very earliest opportunity.

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