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Every child's right to a family - Lessons on deinstitutionalising children NHSEI/Lumos

4 March 2021 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Will We Listen?

NHSEI in conjunction with Lumos led workshop

Listening to young people and understanding their needs helps us to keep them safe and give them the best opportunities in life.

Listening to children and young people is also at the heart of Lumos’ work. Lumos is an international charity founded by author J.K. Rowling, with a mission to fight for every child’s right to a family by transforming care systems around the world.

This workshop shares insights from two Lumos projects – their work to close institutions for disabled children and young people in Bulgaria, and their partnership work in East London to tackle the institutionalisation of children and young people with learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum conditions.

Bisser Spirov, Lumos’ Country Director in Bulgaria, will share lessons from their important work to close institutions in Bulgaria, including an overview of work and the outcomes for some of the children and young people. Nic Crosby, Lumos’ Project Consultant, will also share key learning points from their work over the past year and a half in East London to support a small group of young people with complex needs.

You’ll have an opportunity to hear about international efforts to close institutions and the very real challenges of making this work for children and young people. It’s also a chance to learn more about work to tackle the ongoing segregation of disabled children and young people – work that you may be involved in now or in the future.

For more information about Lumos’s work, please visit:


Lumos is fighting for every child’s right to a family by transforming care systems around the world. We are an international charity striving for a future where every child is raised in a safe, loving home, supported by family to help them thrive.

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