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Mental Health Elective Recovery Programme - Optimising Capacity

4 October 2022 9:30am – 11:00amBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Optimising Capacity  

The most important resource in Mental Health services is the time of our practitioners. 

Having systems to plan capacity and monitor delivered capacity are critical to optimising the clinical time available to patients. 

 What’s covered? 

  • Why understanding and optimising capacity is a critical managerial function 
  • Using job plans to improve the understanding and grip of capacity  
  • Using a Capacity Tool to establish a plan for activity and to monitor whether this is delivered 
  • How understanding capacity of clinical time can inform Demand and Capacity modelling 

Questions about this event?

Name: Asuka Bardall

Telephone:07752 781 658

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