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Mental Health Elective Recovery Programme - Patient Flow

6 December 2022 9:30am – 11:00amGMT (+00:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Patient Flow  

In community based mental health services, operational KPIs, quality standards, and clinical and managerial oversight are often focussed on activity at the 'front door'.  

However, this is of limited value if we don't also have equitable standards and oversight processes for understanding whether patients within the service are receiving the right treatment and are 'flowing' through services without obstacle. 

When waiting lists and caseloads grow in the absence of planning for and reporting on activity with patients already in treatment, this can lead to 'therapeutic drift' for existing patients, and clinical risks, inequitable access to treatment, and poor experience for people seeking access to treatment.  

What’s covered? 

  • How to generate data on where there are barriers to delivery of purposeful treatment and patient flow, and indicate why they might be occurring 
  • How to develop a consistent language and approach to describing which service users are receiving what, from whom, why and for how long. 
  • How to implement operational and strategic oversight of the data being generated, and the provide a vehicle for the issues identified to be addressed  


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