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Mental Health Elective Recovery Programme - Understanding Backlogs

1 November 2022 9:30am – 11:00amGMT (+00:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Understanding Backlogs 

When demand begins to exceed capacity, a backlog of patients begins to develop. Long waiting times are bad for both patients and for staff as: 

  • People who are seen more quickly have better outcomes 
  • Staff want to give people with mental health conditions the best treatment in a timely way 
  • Managing long waits is a resource intensive, demoralising, non-value-adding activity 
  • In services with very long waits, people may deteriorate before they are seen, giving worse outcomes for patients, and a more challenging caseload for services  

What’s Covered? 

  • Basic demand and capacity concepts and terminology 
  • Why waiting lists aren’t always bad 
  • Calculating a sustainable waiting list  
  • Methods for clearing a backlog 
  • Monitoring and governance for backlog clearance 

Questions about this event?

Name: Aska Bardall

Telephone:07752 781 658

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