NHS London, CHC Workshop Induction Training

1 October 2021 9:30am – 2:00pmBST (+01:00)
Location TBC

This event is for London Health and Social Care Leads


Aims and Outcomes of the day

To provide an opportunity for newly appointed NHS and Adult Social Care professionals to become familiar with NHS Continuing Healthcare systems and processes as well as explore issues which are particularly challenging with regards to NHS CHC. 



Expectations of the Workshop

Understand the context of the National Framework (2018) for CHC and other legislation such as the Care Act 2014 in relation to:

  • Checklist,
  • Assessment and eligibility
  • Annex B & C and
  • Well managed need,
  • limits of Local Authority,
  • Joint Funding
  • Fast Track
  • Family needs assessment
  • Using digital technology and virtual assessments


  • Be able to recognise and complete a good quality referral Checklist
  • Be able to recognise and complete a good quality CHC Assessment Decision Support Tool (DST)
  • Understanding how CCGs verify the decision
  • Understand the eligibility decision, dispute and Independent Review process
  • Be able to act on areas that require escalation including poor practice

Gain knowledge on:

  • Exploring the Trusted Assessor approach within the context of CHC (DST)
  • Be aware of the virtual assessment process and good practice principles
  • The importance of involving family and key professionals in the assessment and MDT
  • The importance of a good Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) -roles and responsibilities
  • The importance of developing good relationships with Local Authority colleagues
  • Exploring the ways in which people can appeal the decision made by the CCG (Local Resolution and Independent Review Process, Ombudsman - PHSO)

Case Scenarios and Examples

Exploring specific case scenarios to develop awareness and insight


  • Completing a checklist scenario
  • Completing a DST scenario
  • Working with families and gaining feedback
  • Understanding an MDT recommendation


cloud_downloadWorkshop Agenda 1 October 2021 cloud_downloadMrs Lilley 2018 Dst 3

Questions about this event?

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