NHS London Social Wellbeing session - Simple Steps To Create Wellbeing In Your Team

28 April 2021 1:00pm – 2:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Zoom)

This event is organised by London Health & Wellbeing team for all NHS Staff.

Wellbeing shouldn’t only happen during wellbeing sessions with outside wellbeing providers like Sanderson Jones. Wellbeing works best when it is created by the actions and activities of individual team members.

Every person at every level in the NHS has coped with COVID by finding meaningful activities that restore them. You are a wellbeing expert, and have so much to contribute to those around you.

In this session you’ll be guided through a process to turn a pastime that refreshes you, into an activity others at work could join in with.

Everyone will create a small wellbeing prototype (also known as ‘safe to fail experiment’) to do with others in your team, trust or hospital. 

Top down wellbeing in one hour slots led by so-called experts like me (Sanderson Jones) is not the best way to create a thriving culture. That comes when wellbeing is bottom up, every day and based around what you already love.

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