Nursing Forum

2 October 2023 1:00pm – 4:00pmBST (+01:00)
Virtual (Microsoft Teams)
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Working within specialised and highly specialised services poses unique challenges for nursing and allied health professional’s teams. There is the requirement to provide care for a geographically disparate patient cohort, encompassing navigation of multiple healthcare systems and multi-stakeholder engagement to deliver care effectively to patients. Nurses working in these services must build relationships with other key clinicians remotely, which requires significant investment of time and a willingness to understand each other’s roles. Innovation is essential to positively impact and manage patients that are not on your doorstep.

These unique challenges are not completely aligned with specialist nurses and allied health professionals working in local or tertiary services and therefore sharing learning opportunities, experiences, and practice innovations may not be so relevant at a more local level. This highlights a gap in the current offering for nurses and allied health professionals working within specialised and highly specialised services to collaborate.

The development of a forum would: help facilitate shared learning; share solutions to shared problems; discuss clinical responsibilities; explore levels of autonomy; look at ways of working; investigate different patient flows/pathways; showcase innovation we can all adopt; and highlight operational pathways and infrastructure within service that is specifically relevant to delivering a national service.  Additionally, this could assist nurses and allied health professionals within what can be potentially isolating roles and help to promote resilience to respond to the everchanging nature of healthcare innovation and find solutions as a collective.  The network could develop a practice principles / standards that could be recognised across the network for nurses working within specialised and highly specialised services and contribute towards the evidence base for nurses and allied health professionals.

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