On Voice, Power, and Activism - In conversation with Professor Megan Reitz, Ashridge Business School

28 January 2021 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Location TBC

Over the past four years, the NHS London Leadership Academy has supported a significant workstream called Speaking Up, Listening Up. We worked with expert faculty to offer masterclasses, conferences, and tools for use in the workplace, in order to explore the vital importance of voice in the workplace.

Seeing a significant commitment to the whole issue of speaking up in the NHS People Plan indicates a commitment across the service to take this topic all the more seriously. In light of the challenges that health and social care face going forward, in terms of ensuring that it is a safe and supportive place to work and that the service offered is genuinely inclusive, it is essential  that we engage with people over how best to speak up – and to ensure that people are properly able to listen up.

The London Leadership & Lifelong Learning Team is excited to announce that we will be in conversation with Professor Megan Reitz in respect to this work via a Teams meeting on 28 January 2021 from 2pm.

As many will know, Megan has considerable expertise in this area, not least due to the rich research experience that she brings to bear to the topic, oftentimes undertaken in collaboration with John Higgins, with whom we have worked (along with Ben Fuchs and Kira Emslie) extensively in the past.

Our aim in this session is simple: to invite those who register for this event to engage with us to generate a schedule of pressing questions and important talking points that you would like to hear Megan address. Given her work to date and current research focus, this will be under the broad themes of: the experience of voice and power in the workplace  (particularly from an NHS perspective); and how best to think about activism in organisations.

The hour will be spent in conversation between Dr Mark Cole of the London LLLL Team and Megan to explore the topics and themes that the audience themselves have put forward in the run-up to the session.

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