AHP Independent Healthcare Providers Practice Learning Event

20 March 2024 1:00pm – 4:00pmGMT (+00:00)
CSP, 10 Furnival street, Soho, London, EC4A 1AB, United Kingdom

Aim of the event

To bring together large enterprise independent healthcare providers to:

1.       Share best practice and case studies in PBL for AHP’s amongst independent provides already active in PBL.

2.       Establish challenges and enablers to PBL expansion in this sector.

3.       Problem solve ways to expand and support organisations and clinicians undertaking PBL in this sector.

4.       Hear from professional bodies to learn more about the AHP principles of PBL.

5.       Network with HEI’s to learn what support is available when undertaking PBL.


Sufficient capacity to train pre-registration health care students is an increasing challenge. To maintain and expand capacity in practice-based learning Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s) are increasingly turning to non-NHS providers. The use of practice-based learning settings beyond the NHS, for pre-registration Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s), is becoming more common place. Independent providers acknowledge the recruitment and retention benefits of supporting practice-based learning (PBL).  All professionals also appreciate their professional responsibilities to participate in the education of future clinicians. More recently the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan (2023) states ‘Current clinical education pipelines do not exclusively support the NHS; they also provide trained staff to social care, charitable, special education and private and independent healthcare organisations.’ The plan also highlights ‘…opportunity to develop more multiprofession, system-based rotational clinical placements. This would include extending the provision of placements across primary, community and social care, and in the independent and voluntary sectors, to give students valuable experience in the delivery of care outside hospitals and introduce them to wider career opportunities.’


Recommended Attendees

We recommend the following staff are represented from large enterprise independent healthcare providers:

·       HR Professionals & People Officers

·       Head of Therapies / Chief AHP’s

·       CMO/CNO where they have responsibility for AHP’s.

·       Senior Clinicians with operational responsibility for PBL.

·       Professional body representatives

·       HEI representatives


Large enterprise independent healthcare providers.

Professional Bodies

Higher Education Institutes.

NHS England Workforce, Training & Education Directorate.

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