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Recovery Lounge Intensive for professional coaches

8 June 2023 9:30am – 1:00pmBST (+01:00)
Location TBC

For accredited coaches only (level 5/7) because this will cover subject matter at accredited practitioner competency level 

Through these challenging times, in your role as a coach, you’re supporting coachees on their journeys, on top of your day job and other activities and life events. But what about you? This half-day virtual session draws on coaching, mindfulness, compassion and somatic approaches. You’ll be able to press pause, get grounded, recover and practice some self-care, and re-build resilience. You’ll get the chance to connect and reflect with peers. And you’ll have the opportunity to reboot your practice so you’re better resourced, exploring what renewal looks like for you and your practice.

The session will cover and include:

  • Empathy, compassion, compassion fatigue and empathic distress
  • Self-care & resilience practices and exercises, drawing on mindfulness, compassion and embodiment approaches
  • The chance to tap into community and collective intelligence with peers
  • Opportunities for sense-making and reflection
  • Self/peer coaching for resilience and to re-access hope and inspiration

What participants will learn & take away

  • An understanding of the difference between empathy and compassion, why an overload of empathic distress can lead to burnout, and how to avoid this happening
  • An understanding of how mindfulness, compassion and embodied practices can nourish and resource you
  • Practice-in- a-pocket exercises and strategies for mindfulness, self-care, self-compassion, resourcing and building resilience
  • ‘Membership’ of a community looking out for one another
  • Inspiration for next steps to reboot your coaching practice so that resilience and compassion are centre stage for you and your coachees

Facilitator: Liz Hall

Attendance by Zoom. Joining link will be sent before the session. 

Bitesize alternative on the same theme: Recovery Lounge Express which also welcomes coaches in development and trained (non-accredited) coaches

  • Cohort 1 on 28th February 10am-12
  • Cohort 2 on 18th April 2-4pm
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