Transfer of Care Workshop

21 June 2024 9:30am – 2:00pmBST (+01:00)
Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Rd, London, SE1 8UG, United Kingdom
Transforming Care and Building the Right Support are national initiatives aimed at improving the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. The focus is on reducing reliance on inpatient care and strengthening community-based support systems, such as Community Learning Disability Teams, to enable individuals to live fulfilling lives within their communities.
Difficulties often arise when individuals with learning disabilities transition from inpatient settings to community placements or from a Community Learning Disability Team to another Community Learning Disability Team in a different borough. Issues such as GP registration requirements, variations in service eligibility criteria, and limitations on healthcare professionals' travel can hinder a smooth transfer process. This lack of coordination and partnership between services can lead to delays, unsuitable placements, and avoidable hospital readmissions.
To support seamless transitions between providers, continuity of healthcare and specialist support is required. Therefore, we are inviting numerous clinicians and NHS professionals to our workshop to discuss ways to improve the transfer process for adults with learning disabilities within London.

Target audience:

Service managers from each Community LD Teams, Health and Social Care Managers, Social Care Teams, and frontline clinicians as well as Provider Collaboratives and Forensic Teams from all five ICBs in London.

Overall Aim: To collaboratively develop comprehensive and practical guidance for transfers of care for people with learning disabilities in London, addressing current challenges and establishing agreed-upon key principles.

Specific Aims:

  • Understand the Landscape: Gain a deeper understanding of the current issues and challenges surrounding transfers of care within the London region.
  • Refine Guidance: Utilise workshop discussions and feedback to further develop and refine the draft guidance document.
  • Establish Key Principles: Reach a consensus on the core principles and expectations that should underpin transfers of care for individuals with learning disabilities in London.
  • Gather Practical Tools: Collect real-world examples, tools, and case studies that can be incorporated into the guidance to support its practical implementation.
  • Address Challenges: Discuss and identify solutions for tricky issues and barriers that arise during transfers of care.
Workshop delivery - what attendees can expect:
  • Setting the Stage: Introducing the importance of effective transfers of care, potentially through a case study illustrating real-life experiences and challenges.
  • Collaborative Development: Interactive table discussions will be facilitated where attendees can review, refine, and contribute to the draft key principles for transfers of care.
  • Sharing Best Practices: Attendees will be encouraged to share practical tools, templates, and examples of successful transfers of care to be included in the guidance document.
  • Focused Problem-Solving: Working in breakout groups will allow participants to delve into specific challenging aspects of the guidance, fostering discussion and problem-solving.
  • Consensus Building: Workshop delivery will be guided towards achieving agreement on a set of core principles for transfers of care that will be adopted across London.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Feedback on the draft guidance document will be gathered throughout the workshop to inform further revisions and improvements.
  • Next Steps: As a conclusion of the workshop, we will summarise the information gathered and determine if additional sessions are needed to finalise the guidance.


Room: LG19-20-21, Wellington House,

133-155 Waterloo Rd,

London, SE1 8UG

This workshop is only available in-person. A hybrid or virtual option is not available.


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