Introducing Community Faster Data Flows: Providing timely community data & reducing sit-rep burden

The NHS has always had an ambition for more timely, high quality data that can be accessed throughout the whole patient pathway, whilst addressing the reporting burden on providers. In pursuit of this NHS England has established the Faster Data Flows Programme to implement an automated daily data collection and provide modern data architecture to the NHS.

These webinars will introduce Community Faster Data Flows, providing an overview of the programme and its benefits as well as providing a high-level overview of the implementation requirements and planned timelines for community providers and a Q&A session.

These webinars are open to:

  • everyone involved in the setup, submission and use of community data collections. Example roles may include (but are not limited to): Heads of Information, BI leads and teams, Data Warehouse Managers, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Information Officers.
  • regional teams and system teams responsible for community services
December 2023
Friday 8th DecemberRegister here
Thursday 14th DecemberRegister here
Tuesday 19th DecemberRegister here
January 2023
Thursday 11th JanuaryRegister here
Wednesday 17th JanuaryRegister here
Monday 22nd JanuaryRegister here

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