IRC, Prison Primary Care and Dental Specifications Workshop

As you will be aware we are now in the final stages of the IRC and Prison Primary Care specs and we would like to invite you to a workshop to consider the final draft of these documents in order to complete this process and ensure they are ready for commissioning against from April 1st 2020.

In addition to these specifications we will also be considering the dental specifications that Jonathan Lewney has been writing in consultation with NAPDUK and the BDA.

The events will be Chaired by Dr Sarah Bromley who has been the Chair of the PC specification development working group. 

Please select which workshop you would like to attend and click the link below to book your ticket – it is imperative that we know numbers for each table so please choose which table you would like to join (IRC/Prison/Dental) during the booking process.


3 December 2019 - 10am - 3.30pm - Leeds

11 December 2019 - 10am - 3.30pm - London


Tickets will close at 5pm on Thursday 28 November.