Personal Health Budgets Champions event

This event is for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) who have successfully applied to take part in the personal health budgets (PHB) champions programme, areas implementing a local approach to Integrated Personal Commissioning and other projects directly engaging with NHS England’s personalisation team.

CCGs can select to attend either the London or Leeds event – the agenda will be identical for both.

Who should attend?

NHS England is expecting two or more people to attend from each area and CCGs can select who is most appropriate to attend based on the personal health budget delivery plans they are working to. For example:

  • PHB lead
  • Finance colleagues – health and social care
  • Commissioning colleagues – health and social care
  • SEND leads for those sites focusing on PHBs for children and young people
  • Service leads e.g. children’s complex care, continuing healthcare, mental health etc.
  • Providers
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • People with lived experience
  • Other local stakeholders e.g. local authority colleagues

At least one person attending from each CCG should be from the finance or commissioning team.

The aim of these events is to bring together Personal Health Budget Champion CCGs before commencement of the programme of six Doing it well and at scale events.

A detailed agenda will be available in due course, which is expected to include:

  • Introduction to Integrated Personal Commissioning
  • Mapping current personal health budget progress
  • Introduction to the CCG/Sustainability and Transformation Plan mentoring programme
  • PHB delivery support offer from NHS England.

Contact information

For further information, please contact Jaya Choudhry:
Tel: 0113 824 9398