Electronic Patient Records Master Class Series


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The aim of the programme is to help prepare senior nurses and their teams to understand what is involved in EPR adoption prior to commencement of the process so they fully understand what is involved so they can fully engage in a more informed way when the process starts.

Sessions will be led by people (mainly senior nurses) who have first-hand experience of delivering and implementing EPR systems.  They won’t cover details about specific products as this will be covered later by your supplier but instead give a general overview of what to expect, what to consider and how to prepare. Sessions will also give suggestions about the skills and workforce to have in place.

The sessions will take a nursing and midwifery perspective and help CNOs and lead digital practitioners to influence their future digital strategy, optimisation and understand the art of the digital possible more effectively. These events are prepared for CNOs, DCNOs, CNIOs (or equivalent), digital nurses, digital midwives but should be useful also to AHPs adopting new EPR systems in the next 24 months.

EPR adoption, utilisation, optimisation with a focus on winning hearts and minds along the journey.

We plan to cover material in open way so the sessions will highlight things that went well, not so well and solutions found.


Master Class 1

What to expect  from the EPR journey:

To understand the EPR journey including the vision, procurement,

implementation, education, and devices, through to outcomes, outputs, and data utilisation.

Tuesday 11 October 20224.35pm - 5.25pmRegister here

Master Class 2

Are you ready for go live?

To understand the processes, and procedures essential for go live,

and week one support, inc. safety, resilience, risk, security and BAU.

Wednesday 9 November 20224.35pm - 5.25pmRegister here

Master Class 3

Settling in weeks 2-20 and developing usability and confidence in the system 

To understand the process of managing EPR adoption across your impacted services,

inc. levels of support and education required, and getting the most from working with suppliers.

Thursday 26 January 20234.05pm - 4.55pmRegister here

Master Class 4

Understanding behaviour change and stacking the EPR adoption odds in your favour 

To have greater insights on methods, techniques and approaches you can use to help others understand the change, inc. how to respond to resistance and reduce the potential for conflict.

Tuesday 29 November 20224.35pm - 5.25pmRegister here

Masterclass 5

EPR Optimisation and Long-term benefits to nursing

To understand the impact of your EPR, next steps and the curation, utilisation, and insights from new care data sets but also a candid reflection of the work that should ideally be undertaken prior to implementation.

Wednesday 7 December 20224.35pm - 5.25pmRegister here