Engagement Practitioners’ Network event #EngageSpring21

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Engagement practitioners’ working across health and care, and professionals who are looking to improve how they engage with people and communities, can now register for Engage spring 2021. This virtual conference runs over three days from 18 to 20 May and the agenda is packed with masterclasses, panel discussions and workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity to listen, learn, network and share experiences.

Speakers at the event include:

Dr Hilary Cottam OBE; Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England, and Olivia Butterworth, Head of Public Participation. We also have a variety of speakers from voluntary sectors organisations, CCGs, and Healthwatch, running sessions and taking part in panel discussions.

There are around five sessions each day, covering topics including digital inclusion; co-production; creative engagement; voluntary sector innovation; engaging with inclusion health groups; plus short wellbeing sessions. Participants can sign up for all or just some of the sessions depending on their interests and availability.

You’ll hear from a range of speakers and presenters who engage with people and communities across health and care. They’ll share their experiences, good practice and insights with participants, to support people’s learning and development. This includes learning lessons from engagement carried out during COVID-19 and how this will impact on working with people and communities going forwards.

Due to high demand, we expect places to be booked quickly so register today to reserve a spot. Please note: Joining instructions and a link for all events will be sent 48 hours in advance.

The national Engagement Practitioners’ Network (EPN) is for public engagement staff working across health and social care in England. We currently have over 1000 professionals as part of this network, you can join the network by emailing, england.epn@nhs.net

Download the agenda:


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Engage spring 2021: Rise and stretch yoga9.30-10am18 May

Engage spring 2021: The power of engagement – our achievements and opportunities

10am - 11am18 May
Engage spring 2021: Learning from coproduction11am - 12pm18 May
Engage spring 2021: Taking notice - mindfulness12pm - 12.30pm18 May
Engage spring 2021: The secrets of effective community engagement12.30pm - 2pm18 May
Engage spring 2021:  Crowdsourcing ideas - empowering people to participate in research2pm - 3pm18 May
Engage spring 2021: Engagement and ICSs - what are the opportunities for working with people and communities3pm - 4pm18 May
Engage spring 2021: Engaging to ensure unpaid carers received their COVID vaccination4pm - 4.45pm18 May
Engage spring 2021:  Unlocking The Digital Front Door - keys to inclusive healthcare10am - 11am19 May
Engage spring 2021: Everything you ever wanted to know about engaging inclusion health groups11am - 12.30pm19 May
Engage spring 2021: Chair Yoga12pm - 12.30pm19 May
Engage spring 2021: Improving cancer outcomes without strong community partnerships, impossible!1pm - 2.30pm19 May
Engage spring 2021: Engagement Open Space - Co-consulting3.30pm - 5pm19 May
Engage spring 2021: Caring for yourself - wellbeing session4.30pm - 5pm19 May
Engage spring 2021: Taking notice - mindfulness session9.30am - 10am20 May
Engage spring 2021: Aiming for Impact - Putting Theory of Change into Practice10am - 11.30am20 May
Engage spring 2021: "It's a kind of magic" - using creative approaches to connect with people11am - 12.30pm20 May
Engage spring 2021: The secrets to vaccinating the boating community1pm - 2pm20 May
Engage spring 2021: In conversation with Dr Hilary Cottam OBE - engagement practitioners as change makers2pm - 3pm20 May
Engage spring 2021: Digitising Leeds: Working Together as Engagement Professionals for Digital Inclusion3pm - 4pm20 May
Engage spring 2021: Wind down and Relax Yoga4.30pm - 5pm20 May